How to Revive Your Old iPod By Installing and Upgrading Its Storage

Dedicated music players are long dead. While Apple, Sony, and a few other OEMs continue to sell iPods and other digital music players, they hardly find any takers in the market. However, there are still many iPod owners out there who continue to listen to music on it as they feel it offers a better user experience.

And if you are someone who has a taste for music, it probably means you have a huge music library as well that is well into hundreds of GBs. With only around 30GB of space available on the last iPod that Apple sold, there’s no way you can fit your entire music library on it. That is unless you are ready to take things into your own hand.

As The Verge shows, you can install a 250GB SSD on your iPod whilst also installing a new battery on it to further increase its longevity. The iPod touch used in the video was the fifth-generation iPod Touch, though you can use any other iPod as well. The fifth-generation iPod touch shipped with a Wolfson DAC that was known for its outstanding music quality which makes it the ideal device for such an experiment.

Before you jump to the steps showin in the video, you will need to acquire an iFlash adapter which will house your SD card/SSD or CF card. You will also need to ensure that you have all the required tools to access the innards of your iPod touch. If not, you can always buy the iFixit Opening tool for the job. The process requires you to pry open your iPod touch, remove its battery and other internals, swap the hard drive, reattach all the wires, install a new battery while you are at it and then reassemble the device.

This is also a fun experiment to do if you have a non-functional iPod lying around. Since the iPod came with an actual hard disk inside, it was bound to fail over time. So, if you have an old iPod lying around, you can follow the steps mentioned in the video in a bid to revive it. And if you do, drop a comment and let us know how the whole process went for you.

[Via The Verge]