Apple’s Latest Photography Lessons Focus on Framing and the Telephoto Camera

Apple has been publishing photography tutorials over on its official YouTube channel for a long while now, and the company has been on fire as of late, pumping out new lessons on a regular basis.

Just yesterday, Apple published one new photography tutorial to its channel, and now it is back at it again, adding a couple of new sessions to the mix. The first is entitled “How to experiment with framing on iPhone”, and, as it suggests, the video aims to show how iPhone photographers can use the world around them to create natural frames. It measures in at just 24 seconds.

Here’s the first video:

How to experiment with framing on iPhone

“Use shapes behind your subject to create a natural frame.”

Meanwhile, the second video is entitled “How to compose with telephoto lens on iPhone”, and it has a runtime of 22 seconds. This one aims to show how the telephoto lens can be more than just a tool to zoom in.

Here is that video:

How to compose with telephoto lens on iPhone

“The telephoto lens does more than zoom — it can simplify your composition.”

Our Take

Apple keeps these tutorial videos short and to the point, for better or worse. For anyone wanting to learn some new techniques with their iPhone camera, though, these lessons can certainly help in their own (brief) way. Considering the iPhone’s camera continues to be one of the most popular on the planet, learning new ways to take advantage of the hardware is a bonus all around.

[via Apple]

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