iPhone SE 2 Concept Video Envisions a Smaller Variant of the iPhone X [Video]

iPhone SE 2 Concept

The iPhone SE was a moderately successful device for Apple. The rumor mill has been rife with speculation about a successor joining the fray. We are now encountering a video concept of this device, known for now as the iPhone SE 2.

It must be noted that Apple is yet to confirm the device’s existence and there have been mixed reports about the handset’s arrival this year, so we’re treating this as a fan-made concept for the time being.

The video was posted by ConceptsiPhone, which credits Gunho Lee as the designer of this concept. The biggest change here compared to the predecessor is the fact that it is no longer a “cheaper iPhone” as it comes with an all-glass front panel. This concept suggests (and hopes) that Apple could surprise the market by launching an iPhone X subsidiary with a smaller price tag.

The bezels are slim here and the back panel is all-glass, pretty much like the iPhone X. What it doesn’t borrow from the iPhone X is the dual-camera arrangement on the back, sticking to a moderate single lens camera. The video doesn’t tell us if this device has Face ID built-in, but we’re guessing it does given that there’s no home button for Touch ID authentication.

While the idea is surely ambitious, I would be very surprised if Apple took this route, especially given the supply struggles it faced when the iPhone X was announced. It’s still unclear if the iPhone SE 2 will ever see the light of the day, but if it does, I would surely want it to look like this.

What do you think?