iPhone X Outsold the Far Cheaper OnePlus 5T in India in Q4 2017

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The Indian smartphone is very price sensitive that is dominated by the likes of Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Samsung. However, in the premium segment i.e. for smartphones costing above Rs 30,000, Apple dominates the market despite its flagship handsets carrying an exorbitantly high price tag in the country.

As per the latest data from Counterpoint Research, the premium smartphone segment grew by over 20 percent YoY in India. This was largely thanks to the strong performance posted by OnePlus and Apple.

Apple, in particular, dominates the premium smartphone segment in India with a market share of 47 percent during Q4 2017 — up from 38 percent for the large part of 2017. This was thanks to the strong demand for the iPhone X and iPhone 7. The iPhone X was the best selling model in terms of shipments in India despite its atrociously high starting price of $1,390. The handset alone captured 21 percent of the premium segment market in India in Q4 2017. This was followed by the OnePlus 5T, a phone that is less than half the price of the iPhone X, capturing 17 percent of the market share. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 came in third with 8 percent market share.

The iPhone 8 has not done well for Apple in India with its demand remaining modest. In fact, the older iPhone 7 continues to do far better than it. Thus, despite the strong performance of the iPhone X and iPhone 7, Apple saw its yearly shipments decline in India by 31 percent YoY.

After Apple, its OnePlus which dominates the premium smartphone market in India. The company’s OnePlus 5T became the second¬†best selling handset in its segment within two months of its launch. OnePlus has now also managed to beat Samsung to capture the second position in India’s premium smartphone market for the second consecutive quarter.

Our Take

It is very impressive to see the iPhone Xo outselling the OnePlus 5T in India despite the country’s smartphone market being so price sensitive. The iPhone X is priced at Rs 89,000 while the OnePlus 5T is available for Rs 33,000. Despite this huge difference, the iPhone X ended up being the top-selling handset in the premium smartphone segment of India. The overall decline in shipment, however, will likely force Apple to change its strategy and see how it can further push sales of the iPhone 8 in the country.¬† As for the strong performance of the iPhone 7, it can be attributed to retailers offering attractive deals for it.

[Via CounterPoint]

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