Apple Shares Short Film Shot on iPhone X, ‘Three Minutes’ Directed by Peter Chan

Apple is always willing to share amazing images and videos that customers capture on their devices, case in point being “Shot on iPhone” and “Selfies on iPhone X” ad campaigns.

Some of the more extravagant efforts, though, are short films (or even feature-length films captured by legendary directors), like the one entitled Three Minutes. This short film, which measures in at just over seven minutes, was shot entirely on the iPhone X. It was directed by Peter Chan, and it tells the story of a family reunion that lasts only three minutes.

As translated from the dedicated website for the new short film, and accompanying Spring Festival celebrations:

“This Spring Festival, we co-starred director Peter Chan, drawn from the true story, for everyone about an unusual reunion.”

The website that Apple has launched along with the video is dedicated to cinematography tips and tricks to use with the iPhone X, all in an effort to capture the best possible results for those family reunions. There is even behind-the-scenes footage of the Three Minutes short film, showing how the film was put together.

As is par for the course for this time of year, Apple is in full swing celebrating the Chinese New Year — which takes place on February 16. The short film is definitely worth checking out, which you can through the source link below, as are the extra bonuses on the website.

Our Take

The camera systems that Apple has launched over the years are noteworthy by themselves, but watching what truly talented people do with the hardware (and software) is always amazing to look at. Seeing Peter Chan’s short film is fantastic, especially in light of the upcoming holiday.

[via Apple]