Poll: Are You Planning to Switch to Samsung Galaxy S9 from iPhone X?

Earlier this week, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. With its latest flagship, Samsung takes on Apple’s $999 iPhone X which was released almost six months ago. The Galaxy S9 looks largely the same as its predecessor but packs in some major improvements in key areas including the camera, display, and performance.

Samsung seems to have taken a more matured approach this time around as it did not attempt to do anything crazy with the Galaxy S9. The company seems to have focused more on the user experience this time around rather than adding new features for the sake of it. Despite that though, many iPhone X and older iPhone owners have been bowled over by the Galaxy S9. With features like multi-window multitasking, super slow-mo video recording (960fps), a variable aperture camera, a fingerprint scanner (!), arguably superior battery life, and three different biometric authentication options, the Galaxy S9 is capable of doing much more than the iPhone X — at least that’s what the spec sheet suggests if one goes by it.

But that does not make the Galaxy S9 a superior phone. It is still a Galaxy phone from Samsung running Android which means the usual caveats apply. This includes performance issues with the phone after a few months of use, sub-par UI/UX in apps, features being thrown to your face just for the sake of being there, and more.

Coming from an iPhone X, remember that if you make the switch to the Galaxy S9, you will have to give up on security and privacy to a certain extent as well. Apple’s walled garden approach might make it more restrictive but it is also more secure in nature due to this. The Galaxy S9 and Android, in general, is simply not as secure as iOS due to its more open approach. Then, there are software updates which you will have to completely bid adieu to if you end up buying the Galaxy S9. While Samsung will roll out monthly security updates for the handset, major Android updates will take anywhere between six months to a year to arrive on the handset. In comparison, on the iPhone X or any other iPhone, you’d get the OTA update within minutes of Apple making it live.

Lastly, do not forget that if you are a long time iPhone user, you are already too heavily invested in Apple’s ecosystem which should make the switch that much more difficult for you. You have likely already spent hundreds of dollars on iOS apps and accessories for your phone, all of which will be incompatible with the Galaxy S9.

Despite having to make quite a few sacrifices and the Galaxy S9 far from being perfect, are you still planning on giving up on your iPhone X and switching to it? Take part in our poll below and let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment below.