Report: Apple Park’s Interior Glass is So Clear That Employees Often Accidentally Walk into It

Apple Park

The Apple Park is one of the modern architectural marvels, and is one of the most sought after workplaces in the industry. However, a new report from Bloomberg talks about how the interior architecture of the campus might be a little too simplistic for its employees.

It is being said via internal sources that employees are accidentally bumping into glass walls while walking within the campus. Some employees apparently came up with a fix by sticking post it notes on the glass walls, which was shortly removed by the staff as it didn’t sit well with the architecture.

The original report mentions that there are other markings on the glass panels to help employees, although it isn’t clear if these markings are set in place by the employees or if it’s a default feature of the building architecture. The good news is that employees aren’t reporting any injuries from this particular design element.

In any case, if this report is breaking out right now, it’s clear that the remedies aren’t working. Apple has remained silent as the matter broke, although the company is expected to share a comment soon.

The “spaceship” complex made the news last year as Apple officially named it “Apple Park”. The first event in the complex was held at the Steve Jobs Theater where the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X were unveiled back in September last year.

[Via Bloomberg]