Sketchy Rumor Claims 4.2-inch iPhone SE 2 Will Debut at WWDC 2018

iPhone SE from the rear

We have heard plenty of rumors surrounding the iPhone SE 2 so far, though there have been no concrete leaks confirming that the device is indeed real. Now, a new leak from a sketchy Chinese news website claims that the iPhone SE 2 will debut at WWDC this year.

The leak states that the iPhone SE 2 will retain the same design as its predecessor and not adopt a design language similar to the iPhone X. However, Apple will make the switch to a 4.2-inch display on the handset. This contradicts previous reports where it was claimed that the iPhone SE 2 will feature a glass back so as to support wireless charging.

Today’s leak also claims Apple switching to a bigger 4.2-inch display on the iPhone SE 2 which again contradicts previous leaks. The selling point of the iPhone SE is its small 4-inch display which makes it easier to operate from one-hand. By increasing its display size, Apple would end up making the overall device bigger which would negatively affect its one-hand use.

As for the specs, the leak points to the handset coming with Apple’s A10 Fusion chip, 2GB RAM, and 32/128GB of storage space. The rear camera will also see an upgrade to improve the overall imaging performance of the device.

Our Take

Despite its small size, the iPhone SE has continued to sell in decent numbers for Apple especially in price-sensitive markets like India due to its low price. At this point, the iPhone SE is over two years old and definitely needs an internal refresh to keep it up to date. While rumors do point to an iPhone SE 2 refresh being on the cards, there has not been any substantial leak on that front to confirm that Apple is indeed working on a refresh.

As for today’s leak, it is better to take it with a pinch of salt since it contradicts all previous leaks and rumors. A WWDC unveiling for the iPhone SE 2 also seems unlikely since Apple has stopped making new hardware announcements at its yearly developer conference.

What do you want from the iPhone SE 2? Wireless charging with a 4-inch display? Or the same metal build but with a larger 4.2-inch display?

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