Out of Warranty HomePod Repair Will Cost You $279

Apple HomePod FAQ 4

With the HomePod now launched in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, Apple has updated its support page to mention the out of warranty repair prices for the speaker.

An out of warranty repair on the HomePod without AppleCare+ will cost you a staggering $279 in the United States, $AUD399 in Australia, and £319 in the United Kingdom. If you end up damaging your HomePod by dropping it or through any other means within the standard warranty, you will still have to pay for it out of your own pocket.

While cheaper than buying a new one, the prices are still exorbitantly high. With AppleCare+, the repair/replacement price of the HomePod drops down to $79 in the United States.

Buying an AppleCare+ for the HomePod extends its warranty to 2 years and includes two accidental damage replacement for a service fee of $39 along with two years of telephone support. It does not cover any kind of cosmetic damage though.

AppleCare+ for the HomePod will cost you $39 in the United States.

Our Take

At $39, AppleCare+ for the HomePod is relatively inexpensive. However, given the smart speaker will sit on your desk or table and it is unlikely to be carried around, AppleCare+ for it makes little sense. However, the $39 fee is worth it for the additional year of warranty alone if you are worried about the speaker going kaput a year after its standard warranty runs out.

The main point here, however, is that out of warranty repair prices for Apple devices are getting out of hand. Apple is essentially forcing users to buy an AppleCare+ for their devices just for peace of mind now.

Do you plan on buying an AppleCare+ for your HomePod? If yes, why?

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