Here’s What New HomePod Owners Love (or Hate) About It

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Apple’s HomePod has started making its way into the hands of customers who pre-ordered it. Plenty of reviews of the HomePod are already out but it is always interesting to see what actual consumers think and feel about the product after getting their hands on it.

Most users are raving about the design of the HomePod and how small it is. From the photos shared, I must say that the HomePod looks even better in real life than it did in Apple’s marketing photos. Every single HomePod post from a new owner is about how outstanding its music quality is despite its small size.

A user on Reddit has given his brief impressions on the smart speaker. Like others, he was surprised by the relatively small size and heft of the HomePod. He found the setup process seamless and found the audio quality to be very good with impressive clarity and loudness. The “Hey Siri” command also worked flawlessly even when speaking at normal volume from across the room. You can also control HomePod’s volume easily through the Control Center on your iPhone.

Reddit user eat_midgets: “All in all, I’m fairly happy with it. It is replacing an old AirPlay speaker (connected via AirPort Express) that I use every day, so from an audio perspective alone it is a vast improvement. A bit disappointed that I’m having issues with Overcast, but at least I can still ask the HomePod to play podcasts via Apple Podcasts for now. I’ve been impressed with how Siri understands my requests for podcasts when I do ask her, but I’m looking forward to when the bugs with Overcast/AirPlay are sorted out and I can continue to use Overcast.”

Make sure to read his full impressions and the comments here.

While the HomePod is being loved by customers who have gotten their hands on it, others have expressed their distaste for the TV ads that Apple has been running for the speaker.

Have you received your HomePod yet? If yes, how are you liking it? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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