Amazon Recalls 260,000 Units of AmazonBasics Power Banks Due to Fire and Chemical Burn Risk

You will find plenty of power banks on Amazon for cheap albeit mostly from lesser known brands. That’s why most people end up buying the AmazonBasics power bank. These power banks are made and sold directly by Amazon thereby instilling a level of confidence in them.

Well, if you own an AmazonBasic power bank, you need to return it to Amazon for a refund. The Consumer Product Safety Commissions has issued a recall of the 260,000 units of the power bank sold through, Amazon’s pop-up stores, and its Bookstores between December 2014 to July 2017. The models included in the recall include the 2,000mAh; 3,000mAh; 5,600mAh; 10,000mAh, and 16,1000mAh variants.

This recall involves six versions of AmazonBasics’ portable lithium-ion battery chargers/power banks: 16,100 mAh; 10,000 mAh; 5,600 mAh; 2,000 mAh with micro USB cable; 3,000 mAh and 3,000 mAh with USB micro cable. The rubberized or metallic power banks are black and rectangular. They measure about 3 inches long by 1.4 inch high by 0.9 inch wide. The power banks were sold with or without a USB charger cable and a carrying pouch. The AmazonBasics logo is printed on the front of the unit. Product ID number B00LRK8EVO, B00LRK8HJ8, B00LRK8I7O, B00LRK8IV0, B00LRK8JDC or B00ZQ4JQAA is printed on the back of the unit.

The recall notes that there have been 53 reports of the power bank overheating in the United States alone, with one case resulting in chemical burns and another four of them causing property damage. This is quite a serious issue even if you are satisfied with your AmazonBasics power bank and have not noticed any issues with it. If you own an AmazonBasics power bank, you should call the toll free number set up by Amazon or head over to this website and register your power bank for a refund.

The CPSC recommends that consumers immediately stop using this power bank and contact Amazon on how to return the product and get their refund.

This is an issue that you should definitely take seriously even if you are happy with your AmazonBasics power bank. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

[Via CPSC]

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