Apple Adds New ‘Families’ Section to Its Website Highlighting Information about Parental Control Tools

With parents and investors urging Apple to do more about smartphone addiction among kids, Apple has updated its website to add a “Families” section to it. The page highlights the various parental control tools offered by Apple which parents can use to reduce smartphone addiction among their kids.

Apple highlights that various parental control features in iOS will always keep parents up to date on what their kids are doing. They can even place restrictions like preventing them from installing or deleting apps, making in-app purchases, restrict them from downloading content not meant for their age, and more. The company also highlights the Kids section in the App Store which is curated by Apple especially for children, with each and every app being reviewed to ensure they do exactly what they claim.

While you cannot control the browsing habits of your kids, you can definitely control the content shown to them. You can restrict the adult content shown to your kids or even better, limit them to a set of websites as specified by you.

Apple also highlights how parents could use the Find my iPhone function to always know where their kids are giving them peace of mind. You can even set alerts when your kids reach a specific place or leave a specific area. You can even keep a tab on their location history using the service. Then, Apple highlights how using Family Sharing, parents can share the content purchased by them with their kids. This way, every member of the family can enjoy the content already purchased without having to buy it again. The same also stands true for Apple Music subscription where under its family plan, you can add up to five family members.

Apple highlights plenty of other features and even recommends some of its products like the Apple Watch with LTE for parents if they want even greater peace of mind. If you are a parent with a kid who is always on their iPhone or iPad, you should definitely check out Apple’s new mini-website.