Apple Maps Can Now Show Bike Sharing Locations Across the Globe

Bike sharing is a growing element in many cities across the globe, and now Apple Maps can show you locations in many different areas.

As reported today by TechCrunch, Apple has signed a partnership agreement with Ito World to bring bike sharing location information to the app. This means users will be able to see these sharing locations in 175 different cities across 36 countries. The feature is reportedly now live within Apple Maps, so typing in “bike sharing” should bring up locations as long as you are in an area where the feature is supported.

“Once again, Apple chose to integrate an existing data set instead of putting together this data in-house. Ito World has worked with dozens of companies to license and normalize bike-sharing data. This way, Apple only has to integrate one data model to support hundreds of bike-sharing services.”

This isn’t Apple’s first go with bike sharing locations. The company had the feature within the app last year, but the feature was limited to just New York City, Paris, and London. This partnership with Ito World brings the feature to quite a few different cities and locations, so it should be much more helpful for users.

It’s worth noting here that the bike sharing location data in Apple Maps is missing information pertaining to open spots, and it won’t tell you how many bikes are available at those locations.

Our Take

This is a must-have feature for a lot of cities, especially where commuting by bike is one of the go-to options. It’s good to see Apple expanding on the feature within its stock Maps app.

[via TechCrunch]

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