Apple’s New Schoolwork App Makes it Easy for Teachers to Hand Out Homework and More

Apple hosted an education-focused event today in Chicago, Illinois, where, among many other things, the company announced its newest 9.7-inch iPad — which boasts support for the Apple Pencil.

But the event was also about software, and Apple talked about a variety of different applications and initiatives that they will be focusing on from this point on. That includes new apps like Schoolwork, which will make it easier than ever before for teachers and educators to hand out homework and other assignments, all from a digital space. Apple says Schoolwork will make it as easy as “sending an email” to dole out handouts and assignments.

Schoolwork has a few different features baked in to make it stand out. The first of which is the ability for the app to support other apps that are present on the iPad. So a teacher will be able to offer lessons and assignments based on other apps, with links within Schoolwork to open those other apps directly. This is all powered by Apple’s ClassKit, which will let developers create links to other apps, their own apps, directly within Schoolwork so student and teachers can access them directly.

Schoolwork’s other important tentpole feature revolves around security, with Apple making sure to note that the data of a student is only visible to the teacher and no one else. Especially not Apple. Teachers will also be able to see in real-time just how far along a student is on their project they are working on.

In addition to all that, Apple also announced that it is going to offer 200GB of iCloud storage, for free, for students. (Consumer accounts are still stick at the standard 5GB of iCloud storage for free.)

Apple confirmed that Schoolwork will be available in June, which will give teachers time to prepare for the next year of classes (in the United States, at least). It will be a free app.

[image via The Verge]