Apple Working on High-End Headphones with Possible Release by Year-End

Confirming reports of Apple working on its own over the ear headphones, a new Bloomberg report has provided more details about them. The report cites that Apple’s noise-canceling over-ear headphones will rival those from Bose and even offerings from its own Beats by Dre.

The Cupertino company plans to launch the headphones at the end of this year, though due to the development issues it is facing, a delay is certainly possible. A team inside Apple has been working on the headset on-and-off over the last one year.

The issues being faced by the team working on the headphones are similar to the ones faced by the team which worked on the HomePod which included multiple redesigns of the product. A source said that its possible Apple could redesign the headphones before their launch.

Apple plans on targeting the high-end of the market with its over the ear headphones, an approach it took with the $349 HomePod as well. Like AirPods, the headphones will also feature an easy wireless pairing process.

Our Take

Given that the headphones are still almost 10 months away from its public release, it will go through some major changes before being unveiled to the public. Apple’s motivating factor behind the headphones seems to be the success of its own AirPods which have been selling well even after 1.5 years of their introduction.

Apple set a new benchmark with the sound quality of the HomePod, and its likely that the company will achieve something similar with its headphones as well. What do you think? Will you buy an Apple-branded headphone irrespective of its price if it sets a new benchmark in terms of audio quality?

[Via Bloomberg]