California Becomes Eighteenth State to Introduce Right to Repair Bill

California became the eighteenth state in the United States to announce the Right to Repair bill. If the legislation is passed by the state, it would end up making it compulsory for manufacturers to share repair guides for their products and sell diagnostic tools and repair parts directly to consumers.

The law is aimed at encouraging users to repair their own devices by getting their hands on the required tools and parts directly from the manufacturer of the device. In a way, the law is aimed at curbing the habit of consumers of throwing their existing device once it stops working and replacing it with a new one. This, in turn, will help reduce electronic waste, and it will also help protect the smaller repair shops.

Assemblymember Susan Talamantes Eggman has just announced that she will be introducing the California Right to Repair Act. She states, “The Right to Repair Act will provide consumers with the freedom to have their electronic products and appliances fixed by a repair shop or service provider of their choice, a practice that was taken for granted a generation ago but is now becoming increasingly rare in a world of planned obsolescence.”

Despite opposition from major tech giants like Apple over the bill compromising the safety and security of their devices, the Right to Repair bill has gained considerable momentum over the last one year. In 2017 alone, legislators in 12 states introduced the bill, with another six being added this year so far.

Apart from California, 17 other states that have introduced the Right to Repair bill include Washington, Vermont, New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Hersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and  Missouri.

[Via iFixit]