Deal Alert: Grab $50 iTunes Gift Card for $45

$100 iTunes Gift card

Looking to buy an iTunes gift card? Amazon has a lightning deal going on where it is offering the $50 iTunes gift card for $45 thereby translating into a saving of $5.

A $5 discount on a $50 gift card is not much but this is the best you will find for now. Most of the deals on iTunes gift cards are usually available on a higher denomination which most people usually shy away from buying.

Apart from using the iTunes gift card towards your app purchases on the iOS App Store, you can also use it in the iBooks Store, and the iTunes Store towards your purchase of books, music, movies, and more. You can also use the iTunes gift card towards an Apple Music subscription which would essentially help you score a subscription to the music streaming service at a discount.

Given that this is a lightning deal, you should pull the trigger on it as soon as possible as it will likely expire in an hour or two from now.

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