Fortnite Raked in over $1.5 Million via IAPs in Just 4 Days

Despite being available for a limited number of iPhone and iPad users on an invite-only basis, ‘Fortnite’ has already topped the chart on the App Store in over 40 countries. And now, as per data from Sensor Tower, the game has generated over $1.5 million worldwide within days of its release.

In fact, within the first 3 days, Fortnite generated over $1 million purely through in-app purchases. With a total revenue of over $1.5 million within the first four days of its launch, Fortnite has fared far better in terms of revenue than other popular games in its genre like Knives Out and Rules of Survival. Compared to other popular games like Pokémon GO and Clash Royale, the revenue generated by Fortnite is definitely on the lower side. Both these games generated over $4.5 million within the first four days of their release.

Do note that all the revenue generated by Fortnite is through in-app purchases as the game itself is free to download. Even more impressive is the fact that the game is currently in an invite-only mode which means you cannot download it from the App Store and start playing it right away.

IAPs are primarily used by gamers in Fortnite to upgrade their character with better weapons or new outfits and other handy items like a glider. However, to buy these items, players need to buy the in-game currency of V-Bucks. The minimum IAP in the game is of $9.99 which would get one 1,000 V-Bucks using which they can then buy different items.

If you have not already received an invite for Fornite and are itching to get one, here’s what you need to do.

[Via Sensor Tower]