Google Assistant is Finally Optimized for the iPad

Back in May of last year, Google updated its official iOS app to bring its digital personal assistant option to the iOS platform.

While Google Assistant has been available for iPhones for quite some time now, that has not extended to include native support for the iPad lineup yet. Until now. Google has recently updated the Google App for iOS, officially bringing native support for Apple-branded tablets that have displays measuring between 7.9 and 12.9 inches. As is par for the course with apps that support both device lineups, the tablet version is basically the same as the iPhone option, but changed just enough to support the larger displays.

Google Assistant is one of the most popular digital personal assistants out there in the world, with Google equipping a variety of different devices with the feature. Of course, Apple doesn’t allow third-party assistants to work outside of the company’s own apps, so calling up Siri is technically easier and faster.

For those who do like using Google Assistant, the option works in a very similar way to Siri, insofar that you can set reminders, check up on your calendar events, get weather information, and get answers for a variety of questions.

Our Take

It’s been a long time coming for Google Assistant and native support on iPad. It probably took a lot longer than some customers might have liked, but better late than never. It’s also good to see that this means Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana aren’t alone on the iPad. Options are always a good thing.

Do you use Google Assistant on your iPhone? Will you use it on your iPad?


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