iOS 11.3 Developer Beta 4 Hints TV App is Heading to Brazil


Earlier today, Apple officially seeded the fourth developer beta for iOS 11.3. And while the new software appears to be light on any new additions we haven’t already seen, it does at least indicate Apple’s official TV app may be expanding in availability soon.

As first noted today by 9to5Mac, the code within the fourth developer beta for iOS 11.3 has revealed that the official TV app from Apple may be expanding to Brazil soon. The report includes a screenshot, which indicates that the string files show support for Brazilian Portuguese. The official TV app hasn’t supported that language up until now, which suggests the app and feature could arrive in that region soon.

The official TV app is a quick way to not only locate owned content, from the likes of iTunes with movies and TV shows, but also keep tabs on sports teams and content from third-party apps and services. The app was supported in the United States at launch, but has since expanded to Canada, Australia, France, Norway, Germany, Sweden, and in the United Kingdom.

Brazil is also getting support for Apple Pay soon as well.

Our Take

The TV app is a nice way of getting a lot of content in one place, and the inclusion of the sports section is certainly a nice touch, especially with notifications and real-time stats. But, as usual, it’s only as good as where it’s supported, so Apple needs to expand the feature as quickly as it can. Folks in Brazil who have been ager to use the TV app on their own devices might not have much longer to wait, at least.

[via 9to5Mac]