Mac App Offering Option To Unlock Full Version By Mining Cryptocurrency Taken Down by Apple

A Mac App Store app called Calendar 2 was allowing users to mine cryptocurrency on their Macs in exchange for unlocking the full version of the app. The option was listed under the ‘Upgrade’ section of the app and was offered as an in-app upgrade option. This led to speculation that Apple was allowing apps to offer crypto-mining options.

The app was mining Monero, and despite the news being covered by tech media and Apple being informed of it, the Cupertino company did not respond to emails. But after 24 hours, Apple simply removed the app from the App Store. Even in such a small timespan though, Calendar2 was able to generate Monero of worth around $2,000. This money will be used by the developers of the app, Qbix Apps, for improving various features of the app down the line.

Qbix Apps did not have any malicious intent as the crypto-mining script only worked after it was explicitly enabled by the user from under the Upgrade option. And even when actively mining, the developers limited the resources taken to only around 10-20 percent of a Mac’s processing power. However, a bug in the mining script led to the CPU usage jumping to 200 percent which did not go down well with Calendar2 users. Due to this, the developers behind Calendar2 were already working on an update without the crypto-mining code baked in when Apple removed the app from the App Store.

Nonetheless, Apple took down Calendar2 from the App Store yesterday citing the violation of section 2.4.2 which states that apps should be designed to use resources efficiently. This essentially confirmed that the Cupertino company will now allow any form of cryptocurrency mining app on the Mac App Store.

Thankfully, since Qbix Apps was already working on an update to Calendar2 without the mining script, it was able to quickly work with Apple to upload a new version of the app on the App Store. The change-log of the update in the Mac App Store also mentions the removal of the crypto-mining feature. And to make up for all the trouble caused to its users, Qbix Apps is offering all the features of Calendar2 for free to its existing and new users for a year.

Do you want apps to offer a way to unlock their full version by using your Mac’s resources to mine cryptocurrencies? Drop a comment and let us know!

Download: Calendar2