Apple’s Newest Ad Promotes the iPhone X and Apple Pay Cash

Earlier this week, Apple shared a new advertisement that put the focus not only on the iPhone X, but also on Apple Pay.

That ad was entitled “Fly Market”, and it showcased an iPhone X owner as they walked through an open market and used Face ID to authenticate purchases made on the smartphone. As they did, items flew onto their body, including a suit, hat, sunglasses, shirt, and much more. There’s even a chair that pulls a nice little Back To The Future moment as it rockets over to a nice new home.

Now, Apple has published another video, which can be considered an add-on to that aforementioned ad. This one measures in at just 15 seconds in length, and it’s right to the point. This time around Apple is focusing on Apple Pay Cash, with the same star of the previous ad –now completely decked out in the new clothes he bought from the fly market– sending $15 to a contact with the feature through iMessage.

Here’s Apple’s description of the new ad:

“Send and receive money from friends right in Messages. Apple Pay on iPhone X.”

And here’s the video itself:

Our Take

Considering how jam packed that first ad was, it makes sense that Apple would include this part as an additional piece of footage. These ads are definitely eye-catching, which is obviously what Apple is going for. Plus, it shows how easy it is to use Apple Pay Cash, which is a nice bonus, too.

Have you tried Apple Pay Cash yet, either to send or receive money?

[via Apple]