Apple ‘Likely’ to Launch New iPad Pro With Face ID in June

One of the most important new features that Apple introduced last year is Face ID, the biometric security measure that uses an iPhone X owner’s face to unlock their device.

That feature is expected to find its way to a variety of different Apple-branded products at some point in the future, with the majority of the rumors pointing to the iPad Pro lineup being the next piece of technology to offer up the feature. That sentiment is echoed today in an analyst note from Jun Zhang, working with Rosenblatt Securities.

Zhang expects Apple to unveil the new iPad Pro lineup with Face ID equipped in June of this year. That would line up with Apple’s yearly Worldwide Developers Conference that takes place in early June. If this rumor pans out, it means we can expect to see Apple unveil its newest iPads in just three months, with a launch soon after.

The analyst also echoes previous expectations, that the new iPad Pro will drastically reduce the bezels, and that the tablet will drop the physical home button as well. Apple offers two sizes in the iPad Pro lineup, one measuring in at 10.5 inches and the other at 12.9 inches, but the analyst’s note doesn’t say whether or not Apple will be differentiating the two options in design, or if they’ll both adopt the minimal bezels and no home button.

The latest versions of the iPad Pro launched in June of last year, so if Apple does plan on introducing new tablets this June, that would certainly coincide with a yearly refresh plan.

Our Take

None of these things are surprising, with Apple usually sticking to a yearly refresh for its major products, and Face ID being such an important new aspect to the company’s devices. This writer can’t wait to see what the new design looks like, and if whether or not Apple is going to bring over the iPhone X’s design cues over to the iPad family.

[via Barrons]