New Patent Reveals Apple is Working on Crumb-Resistant MacBook Keyboard


I still prefer the 2015 MacBook Pro as the latest MacBook Pros have two major problems, the dongle nightmare and the butterfly keyboard which is prone to problems due to dust and crumbs.

A new Apple patent indicates that Apple is working on a keyboard that is dust and crumb resistant. The patent explains how a mechanism that includes membranes or gaskets that block contaminants such as brushes, wipers, or flaps can block gaps around keycaps.

MacBook crumb resistant keyboard


The patent application goes on to explain how a membrane below each key could effectively insulate the interior of the keyboard from contaminants. Another solution could be to use the keypress as a “bellows” to force contaminants out of the keyboard. The second solution reminds me of Apple’s use of the digital crown to eject water from the Apple Watch.

It might seem like a minor issue, but when you pay more than $2,000 for a MacBook Pro, the last thing you want is dust disabling the keyboard.

As with all patent applications, it remains to be seen if Apple will introduce the crumb-resistant keyboard in future MacBooks. I really hope they do as it solves one of the major complaints of the MacBooks. Someone has even created a song for it.