Snapchat Cracking Down on Cydia tweaks Once Again by Locking User Accounts

Snapchat user account locked

Cydia tweaks like Snapchat++, Phantom, snapdecent which breaks Snapchat’s limitations have been quite popular with jailbreakers.

However, it looks like Snapchat has started locking accounts of jailbreakers that are using these Cydia tweaks once again. Jailbreakers have been getting the following error message:

It looks like you’re using a third-party app to access Snapchat. We prohibit the use of third-party apps as they can compromise your account’s security. Because of your use of third-party apps, your Snapchat account will be locked for 12 hours.

This is not the first time Snapchat has locked user accounts for using jailbreak tweaks. They have cracked down on jailbreakers earlier as well, and then stopped it. It is not clear, however, what has prompted the recent move.

Snapchat is not the only company to prevent jailbreakers from using their apps. Several banking apps cannot be used if you jailbreak your device. Interestingly, it doesn’t look like Snapchat is cracking down on jailbreakers. They are only cracking down on users who have installed tweaks that break Snapchat’s limitations. While there is an API available to detect whether the device has been jailbroken, it is not clear how Snapchat is detecting tweaks like Phantom, snapdecent, etc.

It looks like jailbreakers have already figured out how to bypass these checks. While we can understand Snapchat’s concern about user’s security, jailbreakers who are using the Cydia tweaks are aware of the security risks of using them. There is always a fun element of being able to bypass such limitations, so I am quite sure the cat and mouse game between Snapchat and jailbreakers will continue.

Snapchat has also been facing a backlash over the redesign. When we took a poll couple of weeks back, a majority of our readers said they hated the redesign and found it too confusing.

Do you use Cydia tweaks for Snapchat? Has your account been locked? Let us know in the comments below.

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