Apple Employees Receiving Nylon Watch Band and Gift Card for Winning the ‘Close Your Rings’ Challenge

In February, Apple had an internal Close Your Rings challenge for its employees. The challenge required Apple employees to close all the three rings on their watch every single day for the whole of February.

Now, a month later, Apple is sending out a gift to its employees who aced the challenge. The gift is an Apple Watch Nylon band along with a gift card from Apple containing a message praising them for winning the Close Your Rings challenge. The band’s fastener has the same three colors as the Activity Rings.

Plenty of Apple employees have shared their experience of getting their gift over on Reddit.

Apple periodically holds such Close Your Rings fitness challenges internally where it ends up rewarding employees for finishing the challenge. The last time around, Apple gave its employees a T-shirt along with a pin whose design closely matched that of the Activity rings.

Apple employees usually end up selling such gifts on eBay, so if you are interested in the nylon watch band, keep a close watch on eBay.

[Via Reddit]

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