Apple May Eventually Shut down Drone Flights at Apple Park

Apple Park

Apple has not really been forthcoming about the construction work at Apple Park Campus, but thanks to drone videographer Duncan Sinfield and his regular drone footage, we were regularly updated about the campus.

Now that Apple is slowly shifting its employees over to Apple Park, it has also stepped up its security. And this means that eventually drone footage of Apple Park campus is going to stop. In his latest Apple Park drone footage, Duncan Sinfield says that Apple’s security team reaches his drone takeoff location in 10 minutes or less.

While unconfirmed, Duncan says that Apple has likely set up a geofence thereby allowing it to track all drone activity in the vicinity. So far, Duncan has not run into any issues with Apple’s security team as he complies with their request for landing his drone and leaving the area. This means that we should now stop expecting regular drone footage of the Apple Campus to feast our eyes on.

Interestingly, Apple’s security team always asks Duncan if he is an Apple employee or not. So, if you are an Apple employee, you should probably avoid flying your done around the Apple Park campus area.

As for the latest drone footage, it shows that the construction work at Apple Campus is largely complete. Solar panels have been installed on the roof which will be powering the building and allow it to run on clean energy. Like with Apple’s products, the company’s campus is also a piece of art to marvel at. The spaceship-like design, the open area with two miles of running and walking path, and the 100,000 sq. ft. fitness center inside the campus is unlike anything we have seen before. The Apple Park campus officially opened in April last year but it has taken Apple employees almost a year to move to it.