Apple Shares Two New iPad Tutorials and Launches a Website ‘to do Even More With iPad’

Apple’s newest iPad, a 9.7-inch option, went on sale last week, and, as such, Apple is starting to publish video tutorials on what to expect with the newest tablet that supports the Apple Pencil.

Apple has published a pair of new tutorials for the iPad lineup, publishing both on its official YouTube channel. The first of the pair is for the 9.7-inh iPad and the iPad Pro, and it’s entitled “How to draw on screenshots with Apple Pencil”. It measures in at just over a minute in length.

Here is Apple’s quick description of the video:

“It’s easier than ever to take screenshots and draw on them with iPad or iPad Pro.”

And the video itself:

Meanwhile, the second video is called “How to use two apps at once”, and Apple seems to be positioning it as a trick for the 9.7-inch iPad. This video measures in at 58 seconds.

Here’s how Apple describes it:

“Get even more productive with iPad by using two apps at once in Split View.”

And the video:

Finally, Apple has also published a new dedicated website for showing tips and tricks for the iPad. “How to do even more with iPad” is the big bold text on the top, and the website is just a dedicated page for a variety of different tutorial videos. That includes how to work with the iOS dock that Apple introduced for the tablet family with iOS 11.

A link to the new website is available below.

[via Apple]