Apple’s Latest Ads Encourage Android Users to Switch to iPhone

Apple would very much like it if more Android users switched over to the walled garden ecosystem, and, as such, has polished a pair of new ads to encourage potential switchers.

Both of the ads are pretty quick, measuring in at just 15 seconds. The first of which is entitled “App Store”. This one sees a customer picking up a box and immediately getting a bunch of purple dust shot into their face. They then walk over to the iOS App Store, where apps are “safer”, and pick up a box without any explosions or dust in the face.

While this ad is meant for the App Store, here is the description for the video, which doesn’t really promote the App Store at all:

“Get world-class support from a real person, at an Apple store, on the phone, or online. Life’s easier on iPhone. Switch today.”

And here is the ad itself:

As for the second ad, it’s another short one and it’s called “Portraits”. We get to see two individuals, each in a frame, with the one on the left only getting non-artistic images snapped. Meanwhile, the iPhone side sees different portrait styles being used. Eventually the person switches sides and bumps the iPhone owner out of the way, so they can get some “amazing portraits” taken, too.

Luckily, this video has a description that actually makes sense for the content on hand:

“Take studio-quality portraits without the studio. Life’s easier on iPhone. Switch today.”

And here’s the ad:

Our Take

These switcher ads are usually pretty funny, even if they probably aren’t going to actually get anyone to switch. Still, Apple’s marketing team is certainly allowed some fun from time-to-time. What do you think of the latest ads?

[via Apple]

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