Apple Files New Patent for VR Technology That Could Alleviate Motion Sickness in Cars

Apple VR Patent

Apple’s self-driving car program, known internally as Project Titan, might get an important upgrade over the coming iterations according to a new patent application. The USPTO application talks about alleviating motion sickness and boredom among users by using a combination of VR headsets and in-car metrics.

This is perhaps better suited for a regular car, but this particular patent is talking about its use cases with self-driving cars. The patent describes how the VR experience could be influenced based on what’s happening around you.

For example, if you’re stuck in traffic, the VR headset could play a zombie apocalypse video where you’re running and you’re movement is stalled suddenly, enhancing the entertainment aspect significantly. The patent mentions – “If the vehicle stops at a red light or for some other reason when fleeing zombies, the virtual experience may cause the vehicle to appear to stall and not allow the car to be restarted until the light turns green to build suspense.

Zombie content appears to be a highlight of this patent filing, along with hand gliding games that could play videos where you’re gliding in the sky with breeze flowing through your hair. The latter would probably work better in a moving car, though.

Apple patents several technologies before bringing them to the market. However, since Project Titan is a bit of a secret at the moment, it’s hard to tell if this technology will ever make its way to the program. Apple launched its efforts in the self-driving automobile sector a few years ago, and although we’ve heard bits and pieces of information on it, nothing substantial has been available as of yet.

[Via CNET]