Apple Watch Might Gain Support for Third-Party Watch Faces

For some reason, Apple has now allowed third-party developers to create watch face for the Apple Watch. That might change sometime in the future if code found inside watchOS 4.3.1. is believed. A piece of code and comment found inside the NanoTimeKit framework points to support for third-party watch faces coming to Apple Watch in the future. 

It is likely that Apple is preparing this feature to be a part of watchOS 5 due to be unveiled in WWDC 2018 in a couple of months from now.

Code found on watchOS 4.3.1 suggests this could change in the future. A component of the NanoTimeKit framework, responsible for the watch faces, implements a developer tools server that’s probably designed to communicate with Xcode running on a Mac. One of its methods has a very interesting log message:

Apple has a habit of keeping a tight control on its OSes which is perhaps the reason why it has now allowed third-party watch faces on the Apple Watch. Nonetheless, with the possible introduction of this feature in watchOS 5, I’d expect a bunch of high-quality watch faces for the Apple Watch making their way to the App Store by the end of this year.

Third-party watch faces will allow Apple Watch owners to customize their watch according to their own liking. In total, there are around 15 watch faces that Apple ships in watchOS. While plenty, there’s no denying that regular Apple Watch users are probably bored with it and want to use some new watch faces on it.

Are you excited about the possibility of Apple allowing third-party developers to create watch faces for the Apple Watch?

[Via 9to5Mac]

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