Capture Moments on Your iPhone Like Never Before with GekkoStick [Deals Hub]

If you are a person alive today, you have most likely taken a selfie. The immediate joy you get in seeing yourself in an interesting area, with your friends and acquaintances, and sharing this with other people in your life is a true delight and joy. However, while you are taking a selfie, you often see a more beautiful background that you would like to access or a shot you would like to take, but you just can’t get the right angle, or it is too precariously perched and you might lose your phone. You can rest assured that you keep your phone safe, as well as take all the visually stunning pictures that you have with GekkoStick. You can get it for 15% off the regular price in the iPhoneHacks Deals Hub.

Wrap GekkoStick around anything like fences, posts, trees or a range of other objects to make sure both your hands are free. This means that you can get the perfect picture every time you set up your phone to capture your precious moments. Line up the picture or selfie the way that you see it in your head and get the best angle of you, your friends and the background. Comes with a Bluetooth remote to trigger your phone so you can take awesome photos from a distance away.  If you have tried selfie sticks, you know that they can be burdensome to transport around and use efficiently. You can easily wrap this up into a bundle and keep it in your pocket for all-day and all-night use. You can take better selfies, portraits, and landscape photos with GekkoStick.

Take the picture you never thought you would with GekkoStick. Get it for $16.95, which is 15% off the regular price. To take the best selfies, grab this deal today!


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