Deal: Buy an iPhone X from Sam’s Club, Get a $300 Gift Card

iPhone X Lock screen No Notifications Locked

With the iPhone X now being over six months old and its sales declining, retailers and carriers have started offering some attractive deals on it. Sam’s Club is joining that boat with its new iPhone X deal that runs throughout April. The retailer will be offering a $150+ gift card to any customer who activates the iPhone X on a new line on a two-year agreement or on installment. The offer is also valid for customers who use their upgrade option to switch to the iPhone X.

If you buy the 64GB iPhone X from AT&T or Verizon, you will get a $150 gift card. Buying the handset on Sprint’s or US Cellular network will get you a $250 gift card. For the more expensive 256GB iPhone X, Verizon and AT&T subscribers will get a $200 gift card, while Sprint and US Cellular users will get a $300 gift card.

That’s a pretty sweet deal and should definitely help you in pulling the trigger on the iPhone X if you have been waiting to buy it for a very long time. Do note that the deal is only applicable for Sam’s Club members, so you will first have to sign up as its member if you are not already one.

The iPhone X is certainly not the latest phone on the market right now. But it is still the best iPhone that Apple sells, and there is still at least another 5-6 months to go before we see the company release a better and newer iPhone on the market. And while that will certainly be better than the iPhone X, it will also be significantly more expensive. So, unless you really want to have the latest iPhone, I’d say this is a great deal on an iPhone X and you should definitely pull the trigger on it.

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