Apple Releases iOS 11.3.1 Which Fixes Third-Party Display Repair Issues

iOS 11.3 Problems

Recently, it was discovered that there was an issue with third-party display repairs for some iPhone models, but it looks like Apple is aiming to fix that.

Today, Apple officially released iOS 11.3.1 to the public. The primary goal of the new software is to fix that aforementioned display repair issue:

“iOS 11.3.1 improves the security of your iPhone or iPad and addresses an issue where touch input was unresponsive on some iPhone 8 devices because they were serviced with non-genuine replacement displays.

Note: Non-genuine replacement displays may have compromised visual quality and may fail to work correctly. Apple-certified screen repairs are performed by trusted experts who use genuine Apple parts. See for more information.”

As noted in the release notes, iOS 11.3.1 is also meant to improve the overall security of supported iOS devices as well. There are the standard performance enhancements as well.

iOS 11.3.1 is available to download and install right now. To update, open the Settings app on your supported devices, then open General –> Software Update. iOS 11.3.1 measures in at 49.5MB, so it shouldn’t take too long to download and install.

As far as the display issues, it was described as such:

“…every iPhone screen contains a small microchip which is likely the culprit here for the busted displays. On the bright sight, the report from Vice says that third-party screen suppliers have already resolved the issues. The problematic part is that they will still have to re-open phones that they had already fixed and re-install the new ‘fixed’ display units.”

The first report surfaced on April 10, so it’s good to see Apple getting a software fix out so quickly.