The iPhone X Has Impressive Customer Satisfaction Feedback, but not Because of Siri

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Creative Strategies, Inc. recently put together an in-depth study of iPhone X owners, hoping to get a feel for how early adopters feel about Apple’s newest flagship smartphone.

The results are positive across the board, save for one key area: Siri. According to the analysis, the iPhone X has an overall 97 percent customer satisfaction rating. However, Creative Strategies makes sure to note that the even more impressive number is the 87% of respondents who said they were “very satisfied” with the iPhone X. According to Ben Bajarin, the analyst behind the report, that result is “amongst the highest” when it comes to satisfaction studies across a variety of different products in the technology market.

To round it out, three percent of those who responded to the analysis said they were not satisfied with the iPhone X, while 12% said they were just satisfied with the handset. There were a total of 1,746 respondents for this particular survey and analysis.

As far as features go, this where the more revealing elements come into play. The speed of the iPhone X is one of the most highly-rated elements of the smartphone, but, interestingly enough, so is the design of the handset. That’s certainly noteworthy, considering that the “notch design” has been decried ever since the first rumors started cropping up. Early adopters seem to be plenty happy with it, though (as is the Android smartphone market, it seems).

Meanwhile, customer satisfaction is high across the board, including Face ID, the new gesture controls, the “quality of pictures”, and the new Super Retina OLED display all coming in at over 90 percent. Portrait selfies take a distinct drop, sitting below 70 percent in customer satisfaction.

Siri’s scores, however, are abysmal, sitting at 20%.

“I can do a whole post on early adopters opinions of Siri, but since it’s on the chart, I just want to make a few points. Firstly, you may think it’s odd for us to include Siri in this since it’s not a feature unique to iPhone X. While this is true, we included it since it is designed to be a core feature of the iPhone but also for the unique optimizations with on-device performance and machine learning that exist with Siri on iPhone X due to the new processor design. The main point, however, is a reflection of an insight I mentioned earlier that early adopters are more critical than mainstream consumers of technology. This is reflected in this chart but also highlights something important. Just because a demographic may be early tech leading, or even fanatical about Apple, Siri ranking low with this cohort shows that they are also quite pragmatic and ready to criticize when necessary.”

If you have an iPhone X, how do you feel about Siri these days?

Our Take

The full report is definitely worth checking out, which you can find through the source link below. That bit about Siri, and the fact that even early adopters and “fanatical” Apple fans are ready to criticize the digital personal assistant, should be pretty telling to Apple. But of course, there might not be a lot of room to grow here. Siri has been getting better over the years, but Apple’s focus on security and privacy means their effort won’t be as full-featured as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

Will that be an Achilles heel situation for Apple eventually? What do you think?

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