J. Cole’s Album, ‘KOD’, Breaks Apple Music’s First-Day Streaming Record

Up to this point, Drake’s album, Views, held onto the title for most first-day streams of a new release. But that record has been broken. (Views still has records to be excited about, though.)

As first reported by The Verge, rapper J. Cole’s new release, and fifth album release, KOD has surpassed the previous record for first-day streams by 1 million. According to the report, which is based on information provided by Apple itself, KOD was streamed on Apple Music 64.5 million times in the first 24 hours of the album’s release. In addition to that, Apple also confirmed that seven of the 10 most streamed songs over a 24-hour period were from the KOD album.

That’s not all, though. Despite the fact that Apple Music has 40 million subscribers, a significant number fewer than what the major competitor, Spotify, has, the streaming music service took up the lion’s share of streaming in the United States and internationally. According to the report, Apple Music counted for 66% of the first-day streaming market share for J. Cole’s new album in the U.S.. Meanwhile, internationally, Apple Music accounted for 60 percent of the market share.

Despite the fact that Spotify remains the leader in subscribers, Apple Music continues to smash records. With expectations that Apple Must is going to surpass Spotify in subscriber numbers before the end of this year, those numbers are more than likely only going to get higher in the disparity between the streaming numbers between the services.

Our Take

Apple Music has come a long way in a very short period of time. It’s a good thing that the service has improved quite a bit since launch, when it was a bit rocky out of the gate. Of course, there are still elements that Apple has to address in the features department, especially compared to Spotify, but as popular as the service has become, it would be the wrong move if Apple didn’t address those oft-requested features and start improving the platform in key areas.

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[via The Verge]

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