Keep Passwords Secure Across Your Devices with SplashID Pro – Just $20 [Deals Hub]

Whether you’re ordering a pizza or logging into your bank’s website, every account you have on the web needs a password. But cybersecurity threats are evolving every day, and keeping all of your passwords unique, secure and accessible on all of your devices is a challenge. Luckily, SplashID, a company with a decade of experience in keeping passwords safe for their users, is offering a Lifetime Subscription to their Pro Password Manager for only $19.99 through the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub.

SplashID is named a Top 6 Password Manager by CSO Online, and with good reason: their secure record and password management software has more than one million users worldwide who trust the company’s top-notch software. SplashID can be used across devices for easy access on your phone, tablet, desktop computer or even your web browser. It offers automated backups, and you can securely download and restore any of your last five backups at any time. The SplashID dashboard provides feedback on the security of all of your records, and you can safely share those records with other SplashID users, or even non-users.

Creating individual, secure passwords with unique characters for each of your web accounts is hard, and remembering them all across multiple devices is practically impossible. Take advantage of Splash ID Pro’s Lifetime Subscription to their superior password manager for the low price of $19.99 — 80% off the $99.95 retail price — today in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub.


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