The Last Apple Watch Pop-Up Store Is Shutting down on May 13th

Gold Apple Watch Edition - Turn on

When Apple first launched the Apple Watch, it opened three pop-up stores dedicated to only selling the Apple Watch. The strategy did not work out as the company intended though, and it has shut down two of the three pop-up stores over the years.

Now, Apple will shut down the last dedicated pop-up store selling Apple Watch on May 13th. The store is located in the Isetan department store in Shinjuku, Tokyo Apple recently opened a retail store in Shinjuku directly across the street, so it does make little sense to keep the pop-up store up and running.

With the store closing down, customers — who have the money to spare — will no longer be able to buy the 18K gold Apple Watch Edition. Apple created quite a hype around the smartwatch when it was first launched, but given its incredibly high price ranging from $10,000 to $17,000, the wearable found almost no takers. No wonder then that Apple never bothered launching an Apple Watch Edition for future models of the wearable.

Apple held fire sales over the last couple of week on its Isetan website to clear out the inventory of old Apple Watch wearables. This included selling the 38mm Apple Watch Edition for around $700 while its original price runs into thousands of dollars.

If you live in the Shinjuku region of Japan and want to buy an Apple Watch, simply head over to Apple’s grand retail store that has opened across the street from the pop-up store. You will find all of Apple’s latest products up for sale there.

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Apple’s dedicated pop-up stores for selling the Apple Watch might not have been a success, but the company has definitely met with success with its wearable. The initial Apple Watch might have received lukewarm reviews but Apple managed to turn things around with its constant hardware and software updates. In fact, the wearable has been setting new sales records for Apple with every passing year.

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