Netflix Mobile App Now Shows 30-Second Vertical Preview Videos

The latest update to Netflix for iOS introduces mobile previews which shows a 30-second preview of new content vertically to help you decide whether you should watch it or not. The company had first introduced video previews to its TV, web, and Fire TV app last year. 

It was under limited testing from March for mobile users as well.

The rollout led to an increase in engagement from users and helped them in discovering new content quickly. Based on its success, Netflix is now making video preview available on mobile. The video preview will be shown vertically so you won’t have to turn your phone horizontally for the preview. These 30-second previews should be good enough to help you easily decide on the next TV show or movie you should watch.

Each preview is about 30 seconds long and presented in a vertical format, so you can watch them without turning your phone. The previews are shown like a slideshow, so if you see something you like, you can tap play or add to your list. If not, you can swipe or tap the screen to advance to the next preview.

Netflix has optimized its mobile preview to ensure they load quickly and are personalized to your taste.

For now, mobile previews are available for around 75 original and licensed content from Netflix, with the number only expected to increase further with time.

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[Via Netflix]