Renders Envision an iPhone Concept With a Curved Display

Technically speaking, the glass on the iPhone is already curved slightly at the edges, but if the rumor mill is any indicator, Apple is looking to go big with curved displays at some point in the future.

Recently, a report surfaced outlining Apple’s efforts to adopt curved glass displays for the iPhone lineup. Not just at the edges, either, but with a more distinct curve where the middle of the phone’s glass display is actually lower than the bottom and top edges. This is a design cue that some Android smartphone manufacturers have used in the past, so it’s certainly not an impossible idea.

To help envision at least one concept that Apple could adopt in the future, designer Martin Hajek has put together several different concept renders of an iPhone with a very distinct curve. The bottom and top edges are definitely higher than the middle of the phone, and, as a result, we get to see an iPhone that actually looks a lot like a banana phone.

Nokia has its own banana phone, the 8110, which was made famous for its role in The Matrix. These concept images are very reminiscent of that banana phone, even if there’s the obvious Apple “polish” to make it stand out.

If anything, it’s a long phone. Whether or not this is an idea that Apple has considered in its efforts to put together an iPhone with a curved display is anyone’s guess. One imagines that the company will try to stick with a more familiar iPhone design at the same time, though.

For what it’s worth, that aforementioned report about the curved iPhones being in development also states that this is something that’s still a ways out, with the necessary technology that Apple would need to launch the phone to the consumer market still two years away.

Our Take

This is a wild idea, and while I don’t think for a minute that Apple would go this route, I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for any banana phone that wants to see the light of day. It’s certainly going to be interesting to see what Apple does come up with for an iPhone with a more distinct curved display, though.

[via iDropNews]