Sharpen Your Coding Skills with the Complete Swift 3 Hacking Bundle – Less Than $25 With Special Code [Deals Hub]

Apple products are more prolific than ever: from MacBooks to iPhones to the Apple Watch, Apple has something for everyone from their desk to their wrist. That means coding skills for Apple products are in high demand, and developers need to keep up to stay relevant in the job marketplace. Fortunately, the comprehensive Swift 3 Hacking Bundle can help developers of all skill levels stay at the forefront of the market’s coding needs. It’s available now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $35.

The Swift 3 Hacking Bundle is an exhaustive set of five coding courses that takes you all the way from basic coding for iOS, MacOS, and WatchOS to more advanced skill sets that will help you ace the whiteboard portion of a tech job interview. There are 744 courses in total that go beyond standard knowledge by letting you build your own apps through step-by-step guided projects, giving you an impressive portfolio to show potential employers or simply to keep your own coding skills up-to-date.

Whether you’re prepping for an interview with that tech company you’ve had your eye on or honing the Apple coding skills you already have, the Swift 3 Hacking Bundle will keep you on point with the latest coding Apple programming languages. Snag it in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub today for just $35 — 95% off the $700 retail price. Plus, you can save an additional 30% when you use coupon code GETSMART at checkout.


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