Simple AirPods Mod Help Improve Fit and Bass Response

Apple’s AirPods are considered magical by many because they just work without any of the fuss associated with traditional Bluetooth earbuds. However, they are far from perfect, with their fit not being particularly secure leading to them continuously falling off for many. And the music quality of the AirPods is nothing to boast about either, especially with its poor bass response. Well, there’s a way you can ‘hack’ your AirPods to address these issues.

The ‘hack’, which is more of a mod, requires you to use foam earbuds and apply them over your AirPods. This automatically helps in securing the AirPods to your ears better thanks to the better grip. The mod also helps in improving the bass response of the AirPods and gets rid of the harsh high end which is particularly noticeable while playing music at high volumes. Another unintended side effect of this mod is that they help keep your AirPods clean.

While the mod itself is pretty simple, it does require you to punch some holes into the foam earbuds to ensure that the various IR sensors on the AirPods work as intended. This will ensure that the ability to invoke Siri, playing/pausing music etc. work like they used to before the mod.

If done right, the mod will not affect the functionality of your AirPods in any way. This means that even after applying the foam buds, you will be able to put your AirPods in their charging case without any issue.

If you end up trying this mod on your AirPods, do drop a comment and let us know how it went for you and how much of an improvement did you notice in terms of bass response and overall sound quality?