Sketchy iPhone SE 2 Pictures Show Glass Back and Headphone Jack

Some sketchy photos have surfaced on China’s Sina Weibo which claims to show the iPhone SE 2. The handset in video features a glass back at the rear but largely looks similar to the original iPhone SE.

The photos show the handset featuring a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom, with the same blocky design as the original iPhone SE. The rear of the device is free from any regulatory markings and only carries the word iPhone.

Apple is rumored to switch to a glass panel at the rear for the iPhone SE 2 to add support for wireless charging. However, at the moment, it is unclear if the company is indeed working on a second-generation of the device or not.

Even if it is, the iPhone SE 2 is only expected to sport some modest internal improvements. This will include the switch to a faster A10 chip and an improved 12MP camera at the rear. Other aspects of the device are expected to remain the same as its predecessors.

Our Take

There’s no way to confirm the authenticity of the iPhone in question, and given that this leak originates from China were iPhone knockoffs are extremely common, I’d say its better to take this leak with a huge grain of salt.

We have been hearing about an impending iPhone SE 2 launch since quite a few months now. However, recently, Apple filed for some filings in Eurasia which points to an impending new release from the company. This could very well be the iPhone SE 2 which could see a launch as early as next month albeit without much fanfare.

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