Snapchat’s Exclusive iPhone X AR Lenses Are Now Available

Back in September, when Apple unveiled the iPhone X, Snapchat showed off some AR lenses exclusively for the handset. The lenses made use of the TrueDepth camera system located on the front of the iPhone X and thereby were of higher quality than what is usually found in the app. Now, six months later, Snapchat is finally releasing these lenses for iPhone X users.

The three new AR lenses include Day of the Dead Skull, a gold-plated eye cover, and a Mardi-Gras mask. Since these lenses rely on TrueDepth camera system of the iPhone X, they are of much higher quality. They will stick better to your face, reflect light better, and better fit your face. Snapchat says that these lenses will also be able to blur the background slightly thereby highlight you and the mask on your face even more.

Unlike Facebook, Apple is masking all data that it is sharing with third-party developers regarding your face. Instead of sharing sensitive information, Apple only shares visual facial mapping data with Snapchat instead of the mathematical representation of your facial data which is encrypted and stored on the device itself.

If you own an iPhone X and are a heavy Snapchat user, go ahead and grab the update from the App Store.

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