Snapchat Unveils New Water-Resistant Spectacles With Sleeker Design and Better Battery Life for $150

Snapchat today unveiled the second generation of Spectacles with a sleeker and slimmer design. Apart from carrying less bulk, the new Spectacles are also water resistant and are available in a trio of new colours — onyx black, ruby red, and sapphire blue.

Snapchat has also improved the video and audio quality on the new spectacles. While the original spectacles recorded videos in 1,088 x 1,088 resolution, the new version records them in 1,216 x 1,216. Photo resolution has also improved to 1,642 x 1,642. Thanks to the new dual microphones, the audio quality has also seen a significant improvement. The internal storage has also been bumped and the new model can store over 150 videos or 3000 photos.

To transfer videos and images faster to your phone, the new Spectacles talks to your phone over Wi-Fi. This allows your recorded snaps to appear in Memories at least four times faster. Snapchat also says that the frame’s temple area is now 30 percent smaller, while the accompanying charging case is 20 percent slimmer. Despite being slimmer, the new charging case can charge the Spectacles four times around.

The battery life has improved as well and Snapchat says you can easily take 10 videos a day for a week.

Snapchat is also addressing one of the biggest privacy complaints with its new Spectacles. There’s a new LED light at the front which informs others when you are recording a video or taking a snap.

All these improvements have led to Snapchat increasing the price of Spectacles albeit by a small margin. While the original Spectacles was priced at $129, the new version carries a price tag of $150. It will be available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and France from today, and it will arrive in Europe on May 3rd.

While the original Spectacles were hard to get purchase, Snapchat is making things easier this time around. It will be directly selling the second-generation Spectacles through its application and website.

The original Spectacles will also receive a firmware update that will add the ability to take photos to it.

Our Take

Snapchat has definitely improved the second-generation Spectacles in all the right way. Apart from making image and video quality improvements, Snapchat has also worked on reducing the import times. By making it easier to buy as well, the company should definitely see the second-generation Spectacles do far better in terms of sales compared to its predecessor. The launch should also help once again revive consumer interest in Snapchat which has been crashed in recent times.

[Via Snapchat]