Spotify Debuts New Mobile App with Data Saver Mode and Free On-Demand Playlists

At its media event in New York, Spotify today announced a new mobile app which provides more benefits to free subscribers. The app will now provide free listeners with access to 15 of Spotify’s most popular playlists including Discover Weekly for on-demand playback with unlimited skips.

Previously, Spotify limited on-demand playback to its paid subscribers, with free users getting access to playlists but with shuffle enabled. Free users were also limited to skipping a track six times an hour. Apart from these 15 playlists though, free listeners will not be able to enjoy on-demand playback.

Similar to Apple Music, when you will open Spotify’s new mobile app, you will be required to select your favorite artists and genres. This will allow Spotify to offer personalized recommendations in its Daily Mix on-demand playlists. There’s also a new playlist creator tool in the app that will provide recommendations as you add songs to a playlist.

The new mobile app also features a low data mode aimed at reducing mobile data consumption for users. With the mode enabled, Spotify says listeners can save up to 75 percent of their mobile data. It has achieved this by caching music ahead of time for streaming and optimizing its media elements and streaming tech to make it more efficient. While this might not be of much importance for Spotify users in the United States, the company says it found out that its subscribers in Brazil and Mexico only used its services while they were on Wi-Fi. Thus, this new data-saver mode will come in handy in less developed markets where mobile data is still expensive.

Spotify has managed to offer more for its free subscribers with its revamped mobile app thanks to its new deals with most labels. Apart from the revamped app, Spotify also revealed that it has 71 million paid subscribers and 90 million free subscribers. Apple Music, in comparison, has 40 million paid subscribers.

Despite offering more for its free subscribers with its latest app update, Spotify is hoping to gain more paid subscribers eventually. It hopes to get free users hooked on its service which would eventually lead them into becoming a paid subscriber.

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