Survey Shows Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Have High Satisfaction Rate; Major Priority in Future Vehicle Purchase Decision

CarPlay and Android Auto have become increasingly popular among car makers and vehicle owners over the last few years. Initially, major automakers were apprehensive about offering CarPlay or Android Auto on their vehicles but over the years, they have gone ahead to support both of them in their infotainment system.

Now, a survey conducted by Strategy Analytics points to vehicle owners being highly satisfied with CarPlay or Android Auto. In fact, they are so satisfied with the mirroring system that they will be apprehensive about recommending vehicles without CarPlay or Android Auto support. Prior to Android Auto or CarPlay, the priority of a car’s infotainment system was right at the bottom of the list while purchasing a car. However, the popularity of CarPlay and Android Auto and just how good the experience they provide has changed that.

Derek Viita, Senior Analyst and author of the report: “ One out of four consumers who completed our survey said they would not be at all likely to consider a vehicle without a mirroring solution; while more than half would not be at all likely or somewhat unlikely, to consider one.”

Thanks to their superior experience, consumers have started preferring Android Auto or CarPlay completely over their car’s built-in infotainment system. This is not surprising since Google and Apple have been continuously improving Android Auto and CarPlay with new features and improved usability. The survey system points to 34 percent CarPlay users use it for all their media tasks inside the vehicle, while 32 percent use it for navigation.

Our Take

Prior to Android Auto and CarPlay, infotainment systems in vehicles offered a poor experience. They were slow, lacked features, and offered a poor usability experience. Google and Apple combined have managed to change that for good. It is due to their surge in popularity among consumers that vehicle makers like Toyota which at one point were against CarPlay have decided to start integrating it into their car’s infotainment system.

[Via Strategy Analytics]