Top 10 Fortnite: Battle Royale Tips and Tricks for iPhone

Fortnite for iPhone Tips and Tricks

Fortnite is one of the most popular multiplayer game on iOS right now. Fortnite: Battle Royale puts 100 players on an island. The last man standing is the winner. The concept is incredibly simple and it’s really fun to play. But if you have just started playing, you might be wondering why you’re getting killed so quickly. Like any game, there’s an art to winning a Fortnite battle. Once you’ve learned the basics of Fortnite gameplay, jump to our tips and tricks below to get to Victory Royale.

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1. Get Through The First Couple of Seconds

Fortnite Glider

The first couple of seconds are the most crucial part of any Battle Royale game and it’s the same with Fortnite. When you’re dropped on the ground, you have no weapons, no building tools, nothing.

The next couple of seconds are do or die, literally. If you don’t manage to find a loot with ammo, you’re probably going to be dead.

So first of all, don’t land in a part where a lot of people are landing. Also, get out quickly and dive down to the ground as soon as possible. Look for a smaller structure and as soon as you hit the ground, start running. Go into a structure and find a loot. Here, the game will help you out by showing a visual cue for a loot box.

2. Use Autorun Shortcut Often

Fortnite Controls

Much like a motivational film, the message of Fortnite is to never stop moving. If you’re standing still, without any protection, you’re just waiting to be shot.

So keep running. And if you’re in a vast open field, double tap on the joystick area to engage autorun. Now you don’t have to worry about holding a button and you can use this time to reload your weapons.

3. When In Combat, Jump

When you’re being gunned down in close range, the best thing you can do is move around. When you’re running around, try jumping as well. Fortnite’s auto-aim system means that you can still get a shot when you’re jumping in the air. Plus, this makes it harder for the other person to get an accurate short. If nothing, it will give you more time to make another move or to switch to a better weapon.

4. Get Better At Using Building Tools

Fortnite Building Tools

You can use Fortnite’s building tools to quickly create a wall to get some time, to climb a hill or to create your own secure fortress when you’re out in the open. Your survival in Fortnite depends on your building skills.

Which is why you should spend some time getting better at using the building controls. Once they’re muscle memory, you’ll really see the effect in your kill count.

Tap on the tools icon in the right and the build tools will show up in the carousel in the middle of the screen. Tap on a tool like a wall, platform, ramp or roof, then quickly move around and tap on the screen where you want to put it. Click the down icon to pluck it down at the desired place. Speed and accuracy are the most important factors here.

5. Edit Your Structures

Fortnite Edit Structures

Let’s say you want to create an opening in your structure where you can shoot from. To do this, go back a bit and tap on the gird icon. This will turn your structure into a gird of 3 x 3. Tap on a grid to remove it from the structure. You can also edit a structure while you’re creating it. Use the same grid icon before saving the structure.

6. Harvest Different Materials

Fortnite Harvest Materials

When it comes to building tools, there are three different materials you can use: brick, wood, and metal. You get these materials by breaking down structures. As you break down structures, you get that material. Kill a small tree and you get 10 wood points and so on.

Here are the best ways of harvesting these resources:

Wood: Break down any kind of tree structure you see, no matter how small it is.

Brick: Break down chimneys, rocks and of course brick walls.

Metals: Break down every car you see along your way.

7. Get A Higher Ground

Fortnite Higher Ground

When you’re out in the open, it’s better to have a higher vantage point so you can look around. Especially if you’ve got a sniper in tow.

Use your building tools to build a high structure, get on top of it and start shooting from there. If you’re in the city area, get on top of the tallest building.

8. Follow The Visual Cues

Fortnite Visual Cues

Fortnite will try to help you out by giving you a visual cue when there’s a loot chest nearby, when there’s another player nearby and when someone close is shooting. Always be on the lookout for these cues and follow them quickly. That will save you a lot of time and hardship.

While visual cues are good, they’re not always easy to notice when you’re engaged in the gameplay. So instead, use headphones. This is where you’ll be able to hear approaching footsteps and nearby activity.

9. Storm Tactics

Fortnite Storm

The storm will shrink the map area every couple of minutes. The instinct is to go to the center of the map so you don’t have to think of the storm. But that’s a good way to get killed. The best strategy is to always stay near the end of the storm without being sucked in. Stay in the periphery and pick off the players

10. Get A Closer Aim

Unless you have a sniper, killing someone from a distance on Fortnite for iOS is a laughable experience. Because of the small screen, the player is basically just a dot on the screen. No matter how much ammo you use, you’re not going to get a kill.

The best and fastest way to get a kill is to get a closer aim. So get closer and use the tips we’ve outlined above like building walls, jumping in combat and so on.

Download: Fortnite (Free)

Your Favorite Fortnite Tips and Tricks

What are some of your favorite tips and tricks for winning a Fortnite battle? What gets you to Victory Royale? Share with us in the comments below.