Video: iPhone X and iPad Air 2 Running Mac OS 8, Warcraft II, and SimCity 2000

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We have already seen older versions of Windows and games being emulated on newer iPhones. This has largely been made possible by enhancements to emulation software and the powerful hardware newer iPhones nowadays come with. Now, a new video shows the iPhone X and iPad Air 2 running macOS 8. And as if that was not enough, the devices are then also used to play Warcraft II and SimCity 2000.

The emulation of Mac OS 8 on the iPhone X worked pretty flawlessly as evident from the video, with even the native web browser working just fine. However, since the OS was optimized for a mouse/keyboard, the menu items are small thereby making navigation difficult on the iPhone X. Things are slightly better on the iPad Air 2 since it features a significantly larger display which makes the touch input points bigger as well.

While Mac OS 8 works just fine on the iPhone X and iPad Air 2, the performance is abysmal. The UI elements of the OS scale poorly on the high-resolution displays of the iPhone X and iPad Air 2 and look ancient in comparison to iOS 11.

If anything, running an older OS on your new iPhone or iPad will make you appreciate how much technology has progressed over the years. Back then, one was required to use a full-fledged desktop to use Mac OS 8, while nowadays, one can do more on their smartphone or tablet which they can carry everywhere with them.