Alleged 2018 iPhone X Prototype in Pastel Colors Leak

Some sketchy photos of what is purportedly the 2018 iPhone X has been leaked. The leak comes from an unverified source, though it claims that the photos are that of a prototype 2018 iPhone model obtained from a factory in India. The design of the handset in the photo looks similar to that of the existing iPhone X albeit in a different color.

The photos show the alleged 2018 iPhone in purple and green pastel colors, with the source of the leak claiming Apple will launch the 2018 iPhone in at least one of the new colors.

With the credibility of this leak being hard to verify, I’d say its better to take it with a grain of salt. While there’s a huge possibility of Apple adding a new color option to its 2018 iPhone X, I don’t think we are going to see the company offer the pastel colors shown in the pictures. They do look different from the color options that Apple currently offers but they don’t look that attractive. However, if the leak is real then it is important to note that we are talking about a prototype unit which means there’s room for improvement.

There’s also a slight possibility that we are looking at the cheaper 6.1-inch iPhone. Apple launched the iPhone 5c in multiple colors a few years ago to attract the young crowd, and there’s a chance that it might take the same approach this year for the LCD iPhone.

Our Take

A new color option will help Apple attract new customers towards its 2018 iPhone lineup especially since they are going to feature largely the same design as the 2017 iPhone X. Apple has done something similar in the past with its iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 7 lineup so this won’t be an out of the blue move from the company. As for today’s leak, better to take it with a pinch of salt unless we get leaks from more credible sources.

[Via TechnoCodex]